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Welcome To September 2022 Edition Of Our
ICT Capacity Building Training For Web Design. This Is A 4 Days Physical ICT Training Program For Those who reside in Abuja, and for those outside Abuja who are willing to enroll for our training can be taught online via google meet or zoom.

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With No Web Design Skill But Want To Learn & Build Website Like A Professional. We Also Have A Weekend Batch, 2 Saturdays & 2 Sundays For Those Working!
Get to know that ICT skills are an essential requirement for the majority of job roles. Having these skills will help you to organize your workload, streamline processes and access digital information. These you can comfortably do for clients and get good pay in return after attending our training.

Amadurs Technology Limited has been around the circle of Entrepreneurship and IT industry for a while now, touching lives in our own little way through empowerment programs, seminars and workshops. We have trained over 11,000 plus students over 5 years, and still counting.

We had so many success stories from our empowerment programs. We don’t just train, we provide support and mentorship to our students. 

Some of them said, the uniqueness of the concept of combining Entrepreneurship with Tech, help set them up for a high level stake for success, and that is not far from the truth.

The Values Of This Skills

School Website & More!

Valued at 500,000

Company Website

Valued at 120,000

Ecommerce Website

Valued at 130,000

NGO Website

Valued at 170,000

Get All Any Of The Course Modules For Just 20,000 Each
I Will Advise You Enroll Now So We Can Add You Into Our Theory Group For Further Studies Before The Practical Training Day

Ask For The Next Training Date, thank you for your interest and God bless.

How Will You Start Making Money After This Training As An ICT Consultant?

Information communication technology (ICT) consultants work for various organizations if they choose to, because most of my students choose not to work for an organization as full staff while some do, and the once that don’t prefer to consult for them.

Your job mainly is to advise clients on how to use information technology, in order to meet their business objectives effectively and efficiently. You must make sure to build and improve your clients’ IT structure.

You must be ready to enjoy consultation because part of what you will be doing is to be able to analyze and solve various IT problems that your clients have. And those needed skills are what we’ve put together as full package.

Up here are virtually all the services that you will be rendering to your clients, either as a service or as employee or better still, a consultant. I don’t need to tell you the importance of IT in any organization/business/company or brand. 

That means, you that handle the entire workload get good and encouraging payment for using your skills to make money. So all you need now is to enroll for our next training and become an authority in the ICT industry to become an IT consultant.

Some Of Our Students Testimonies

Video Testimonials

Some of our students video testimonials.

Play Video about Amadurs Technology Limited

Student: Cloffland Estate Manager

Play Video about Amadurs Technology Limited

Student: Ayodele Michael Abiodun

Play Video about Amadurs Technology Limited

Student: Ibrahim Aminu

Play Video about Amadurs Technology Limited

Student: Isreal Apeh

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Student: Audu Daniel

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Student: Daud Abdulrazak

Frequently Asked Questions.

Absolutely no experience is required, anyone can learn how to build a website and also take advantage of the internet with other inclusive skills.

Yes you can, in fact thanks to technology, you don’t even need any computer knowledge before building your own website or that of your client nowadays.

Yes please. With your smartphone, you are very much good to go and your writing materials.

You we do, we can train you through google meet or zoom online.

Yes we do. Our Certificates are recognized by employers and recruiters in Nigeria and Africa at large. When you finish the training, you’ll earn a Certificate of participation that will earn you a job if you do not want to work online as a freelancer.

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